Take control on your Front Desk (PMS)

No matter what kind of accommodation (small & medium Hotels, Apartments, Motels, Guest Houses, Bed and breakfast, Lodges & Inns, Campgrounds) you run, our hotel booking software is easy to get started with and simple to use

An easy-to-use Hotel Reservation Software

First of all our Easy-to-use PMS interface makes it easy to create, edit and cancel Reservations, find Guests and enter data, even when you don’t know much from computers.

Below are some of the features we offer that have made our hotel booking software a big hit with our clients.  Find out how we can benefit your business…

There are no annual subscription fee, no contracts!

Therefore once you purchase the PMS Hotel Reservation Software you can use it as long as you want, we also offer free email and Live Chat support.

Hotel Reservation Software PMS

Access our easy drag-and-drop Booking Sheet interface. Create or cancel reservations, handle check-ins and check-outs, Split or Tranfer a Reservation and create room closures in a few clicks!!!

Hotel Reservation Software

The all-in-one PMS business solution
for small & medium hotels, bed & breakfasts, guesthouse and lot more

Everything you need to run your property!

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 Mobile Application

Novus Conceptus Hotel Mobile is an App to view all your Arrivals and Departures.
Guest Details are showing too and you can directly call them or send an Email.
To use this application you must have a valid license for the Desktop Novus Conceptus Hotel Software.


Trusted by hundreds of small and medium accommodation properties

Our customers operate amazing small and medium businesses from every corner of the globe – and everywhere in between

Keep an eye on everything with data at your fingertips

As a result gain a clear overview of your business with useful reports including check-in and check-outs, revenue, payments and so much more.